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Let’s get you ready, please take a read through to understand everything you need to know about the event.

Start times

The event will be starting from 17:15, this is when you will be able to access the zoo for the very first time too. That is unless you have taken the afternoon off to explore the zoo at your leisure, if that is the case then you will obviously be able to access sooner.

10km Start 18:30

5km Start 18:50

The two routes will merge with the 5km runners joining the last 5km of the 10km route once the 10km leaders have passed through the 6km mark.


This is not a road run, this trail meanders you through the zoo and along adjacent trails which ultimately make up the 9,8km for the longer distance and 4.9km for the fun runners. You will cover different terrain, from grass to concrete but not tar along this trail. We do suggest the use of a headlight as it is impossible to light the entire course and the load shedding is an ever present threat. 


Kindly use the secure multi-level parking off upper park drive. Parking is free to runners and spectators. Hang onto your bib number as this will be required at the exit to the parking on the night.

Access to the zoo

Please bring your proof of registration with you to access the zoo. This can be digital or printed. The zoo will be open for athletes from 17:15. Unfortunately, if you do choose to arrive earlier they will not allow you in. If you would however like to visit the zoo on the day then run afterwards, you will be able to do so. Access to the zoo in this case will be for your cost.


Spectators are welcome to join, there is an access fee for spectators of R40. We respectfully ask that spectators stay off the route paths as this can confuse the runners on the route.

Food & beverages

There are ample food and beverage options available at the venue along with seating place for runners and spectators after the run.

Number collection

This is a timed event and all athletes will be required to wear their running bibs on the front of their chest while running. You will be able to collect your running bib from the village adjacent to the start line from 17:15 on the day of the event. To collect your number, you will only need to present your proof of entry to the crew at the stand.

What time do I need to be there?

You will be able to access the zoo from 17:15, this is to allow the zoo to close before we open for business on the evening of the race.

What if I ordered a t shirt?

You will be able to collect your t – shirt at registration when you collect your number. Please keep in mind, we can not do size swaps as the t shirts were made to order.

Event timing

The event is live timed, you will be able to access results through the official event website. Results remain provisional for 48 hours, please send any inquiries to

Do you require a race license?

No, this event has been categorized as a trail run therefore you will not require a license on the night.